Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning

Wow how did it get to be Monday so quickly?  Not sure but time has a way of going too fast for me these days.  Not sure but I may be getting older faster too.

So anyway for today here are some Monday morning freebies for you!   These are all transparent png files, so just right click and save target as should work.  Enjoy!

Here's a photo I worked on with Photoshop.  I used the blur tool to blur the background so my granddaughter became more of the focal point.  This shot was taken last year at the Akron Zoo's specially designed hand carved carousel.  The carosel was designed by Carousel Works  from Mansfield, Ohio.  The animals are all hand carved and beautifully detailed.  There is a list of carousels on the Carousel Works website.  They are gorgeous!   My grandkids has a wonderful time picking out what animals they wanted to ride.  


Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's been some time but I just found out the old links aren't working so I spent a good bit of time looking for the files so I could reload them and make them available again.  Found a whole bunch of finished files that were never posted.  So to start off how about some corners for your digital designs.  Enjoy!

Here's an example.  That's all for today.

I also spent some time today playing around in Photoshop, I have to admit I've forgotten how quickly you can change photos with that program.  So this is just for show this time.  I did also find a website with a tutorial for creating your own actions on photos:

Right Click and save as!
These are all transparent pngs and should work with any graphics program.